As from the early 2014, ESTFAT has increased its production capacity, and has attached even more important to international fairs and exhibitions in Europe and USA, as well as customer calls as per the management structure and experienced personnel that target to deliver highest quality in the shortest lead time for 20 years now. We intend to reach more customers in more countries.

Providing excellent services in all stages including without limitation thread, consignment, weaving, dying, washing, printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, ironing and packaging in Istanbul, ESTFAT renders services for world famous brands' collections, and produces and supplies promotional products.

·         We deliver any desired colour of thread with thousand of colour alternatives and high quality standards,
·         We prepare any desired model and pattern in any desired size and template through the competence of our modelists,
·         T-shirt, shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, shirts, polo shirts and many other articles are prepared as you demand, or alternative we work on the pattern, template and size table that you provide,
·         We work on the pattern that you provide for any and all kinds of prints and embroidery, or alternative we offer you options together with our design team,
·         After the thread, cutting, printing and sewing stages followed by quality control, ironing and packaging, we deliver your products safely,
·         In case of promotion productions, our job is not placing your logo onto a given product but to come up with a product that will describe your country in the best possible way.